What we do

CX Solutions – Risk and Audit Management is the division which operates in audit, inspections and business technology Services for Leasing and Credit areas of Automotive and Retail sectors.

Stock Audit & floor check

A network of inspectors throughout Europe, equipped with integrated technology and real-time geolocation

Independent information on the status of assets: virtual and documental verification of vehicles and capital goods in stock & leasing financing at dealerships and contractors.

The aim is to reduce and control the risk deriving from loss and deterioration of the asset itself.


All the advantages of a physical audit…in self mode

Advanced technology, real-time geolocation and monitoring of statistics to ensure the reliability of controls.

Support of Centax dedicated back-end staff.


Improve productivity and control to increase profitability

Assessment of vehicles and capital goods value: appraisal Service at dealerships, ports and logistic structures with evaluation of residual assets coming back from short/long-term rentals and leasing.

Quality Check

Investigation of the compliance of quality standards for products, processes and services for the End User

Physical and documental quality audit at retailers, logistic and commercial structures.

Control of product flows or verification of the actual implementation of the agreed promotional and marketing investments.


The true digital customer experience

Technology is the backbone of what we do, together with people.

Everyday we choose highly innovative solutions, which are scalable and modular according to each project.

However, technology is nothing without the human component. This is the reason why we invest in continuous training: we want to connect digital and individuals to create customized and performing ecosystems.

CX Centax infrastructure consists in:

  • +400 LINES, supported by ACD systems
  • +280 WORKSTATIONS on site
  • +350 REMOTE smart workstations
  • +10 QUALIFIED IT Specialists
  • 3 DATA CENTERS (1 in house and 2 remote)
  • +15 CX APPLICATIONS used in different Services
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