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What it is, why

Fleet Management is the totality of activities that allows a company vehicle fleet to be managed.

Costs related to transportation means can carry significant weight within a company, making the adoption of instruments or specific services necessary in order to reduce or to control.

Furthermore, constant changes and new economic scenarios have made a vehicle fleet a decisively strategic element for the success of a company.

It follows that the persons in charge of the company fleet will take on an increasingly more important role as suppliers of what are known as Mobility Solutions.


BPO Centax Telecom

Fleet Management consists of multiple activities that can be the object of Outsourcing. Our personnel and our management allow us to offer solutions for the following activities:

Maintenance: routine and extraordinary maintenance activities to increase safety and efficiency (revisions, inspections, tyres, etc.)
Administration: road tax, automobile liability insurance, driving licence, fuel cards, fines, electronic toll collection pass.
Finance: insurance policy stipulation, business agreements suppliers, workshops, etc.
Support&Logistics: workshop appointments, planning, vehicle assignment, car pooling
Cost Controlling: TCO cost verification and control (fuel, leasing, renting, etc.) to reduce costs and maximize company profitability


Profiles that could be interested in our services are:

– Fleet Managers
– Controllers
– Purchasing departments and general affairs
– Corporate Sales managers


Personalised solutions for all types of businesses
A fundamental issue to consider is that the people who manage the vehicle fleet for the most part are not TEPs, totally dedicated to fleet functions.

Potential customers can be included in and classified into 3 large segments:

No Professional Fleet: companies where the role of fleet manager does not exist. The fleet is managed without the aid of specific services and instruments or manually, by personnel with diverse functions.

Professional Fleet: Companies that have arranged for a person dedicated to the fleet. The vehicle fleet is considered a strategic element and its management a key factor for company competitiveness. Needs range from cost reduction to Moby Solutions and the satisfaction of users or drivers.

Corporate. Companies dedicated to LTR (Long-term Rental, Renting, Leasing etc.


Scalable solutions suitable to all needs
The services we offer can be scaled up or down according to the needs of the various segments:

Fleet & Web Service: Web service supply of management and training until the customer is able to manage the company fleet.

Fleet Support & Assistant Management: Centax Telecom personnel dedicated to the Fleet Manager with the aim of assisting and simplifying the job thanks to functions and services of:
– Administrative, logistic, etc. support.
– Closing of appointments for maintenance, vehicle assignment
– Searching for and promotional offers with workshops and suppliers
– Insurance services
– Support for monitoring costs and increasing company efficiency
– Fines management

Training, Courses, BPO for analyses and studies for making automotive company choices.

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