Stock Audit

The best way to reduce
a credit risk

A network of qualified and experienced inspectors at your disposal

Centax Telecom has the know-how, technology and necessary resources to offer Stock Audit services with high quality standards.

Our Stock Audits, conducted by a network of inspectors with proven experience also in international spheres (agreement with TKS Group), allows Banks and Financial Institutions to reduce risks linked to vehicle acquisitions and financing by Car Dealers and Dealerships.

This way, debts caused by losses or deterioration of stocks are reduced to a minimum.

2 reasons to choose
our Stock Audits

Our Stock Audit service in a word

There are many reasons to choose Centax Telecom’s Stock Audit services.

Here are the two main ones:

  • – We have our own network of inspectors qualified to conduct Stock Audits.
  • – We have our own technology which is completely customisable and adaptable to the specific needs of customers and which supplies inspection results in real time.

The Centax Telecom network allows all dealers and dealerships to be covered, guaranteeing timing with a 99.9% coverage rate and complying with the rotation of inspectors requested by the customer.

What’s more, Centax Telecom undertakes to satisfy requests for urgent inspections in less than 24 hours. The presence and number of inspectors in all provinces allows us to perform this service in less than 24 hours.

Our Stock Audits for you

The most complete and reliable service for auditing stock

Centax Telecom offers Stock Audit service which includes its:

  • – Network of qualified inspectors with long-term experience – owing to a collaboration with TKS Group – in conducting Stock Audits in Italy, Spain and Portugal.
  • – Technological supports (PDA / Tablet / Smartphone).

Specific company software with the following functions:

  • – Chassis number reading, for each of the inspected vehicles.
  • – Emphasising irregularities detected previously with the possibility of inserting notes and comments.
  • – The possibility of taking photographs and linking them to each chassis number.
  • – Application maintenance, including software updates, as well as for interventions necessary for performing the service.
  • – Computer Assistance Service for technological supports.
  • – Server-Web platform, to manage and share work files. Possibility of processing files in the format requested by the customer.
Stock Audit

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